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State Trail Maps are now available at the Snackbar!

You must be 18 years of age and be able to pass a background check at Smith's Gun Shop in Machias.


UPDATE  5-22-2017  Airline Swamp Donkeys ATV
Trails are finally open and ready for riding. There are still plenty of water holes and muddy spots, but they are clearing up quickly with the fine weather this past week.

There are some changes to the trails. At the request of the landowner, trails #506 and #506 A are closed to traffic. Please remember to respect the rights of the landowners, going off trail is going to result in loss of trails. The Swamp Donkeys are working hard to comply with the changes, PLEASE WATCH FOR SIGNS AND PAY ATTENTION.

The fundraising raffles to help with trail work expenses are going very well. We have a WINDHAM AR 10 TYPE RIFLE, 16”, .308 CAL. SRC at $10.00 per ticket and a $200 GIFT CARD TO DYSART’S at $2.00 each or # for $5.00. Over half of the available tickets have been sold for each item, be sure to get you tickets soon!

There are plenty of branches and trees down on the trails this spring. We are very short handed in the trail work area. Trailmaster David Bridges is still in recovery and facing more surgery on his leg and ankle. Trailmaster Peter Poors is currently working construction 6 days a week, leaving only one day for trail work….if it doesn’t rain! Club president Frank Janusz does what he can, when he can, including being the in charge guy for ordering our trailwork lumber, nails etc. This in addition to the diner and the guide business keep him busy. Any time you are out riding, please try to clear up any obstruction you can safely remove, the club thanks you.

We are again co-hosting the Camp CaPella Benefit ATV Ride. The date this year is AUGUST 12th , to be held at the Airline Lodge and Snackbar.

The exact route has yet to be determined due to the trail changes. There will be a suggested donation of $5.00 per machine, and a barbecue lunch to follow ride, also by cash donation. There will be a 50/50 raffle at the event. We also will have a raffle for a $400 Visa card this raffle running until Oct. 12th . Remember that all proceeds from the ride to directly to camperships at Camp CaPella. The menu will be pretty much the same as last year, please start thinking about what food item you can bring, salads, desserts etc, any food items are welcome. We will need helping hands in many areas, including and especially the day of the cookout and food items brought in. If you are bringing something that won’t be ruined by traveling in a Ziploc bag, consider putting the item in one of those, no bowl to worry about, we have plenty of bowls and the bags will store better in our coolers. This will be the 8th year for the ride, let’s see if we can make it the best yet ! More information to come, you can contact me at : Sharon Poors, 207-667-2052

Our club meetings are held every second Saturday of the month at the Airline Diner on Rte 9 , 3752 Airline Rd. Beddington. They begin at 6:30 pm. For more information visit or call 546-1179. Feel free to stop by and see what we are all about (You can download a membership application HERE).

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

ATV Entering BridgeThis update is about the removal, replacement and rebuilding of what is an Airline Riders Snowmobile bridge on our club trail in Deblois, which also serves as a bridge for atvs on the trail numbered #515 (Acadia club). Our Airline Snackbar Snowmobile and Airline Snackbar ATV clubs worked together on the project as it needed to be widened and repaired.

Work has been going on all summer long, starting with improving the trail approaching the bridge on both sides to accommodate the trucks and equipment used to bring in the 80 foot steel beams, lumber, welders, etc. The bridge crew was there almost every weekend for a couple of months. It was a huge project. We figure the cost of the bridge in materials and hauling fees alone is in the $10,000 range, and that does not include the labor as it was all done by volunteers from the Airline Snackbar Snowmobile Club and the Airline Snackbar ATV Club.

ATV on New BridgeWe thank Ken Jordan and family for their help moving the steel, and Peter Poors, Mike and Marlene Sullivan, Steve Catlin, Frank Janusz, Dave and Kenny for approximately 200 hours of work. I must also mention that the day before the bridge was completed, six riders from the Newport area happened along and jumped right in to help haul lumber before they turned around and headed back! If I have forgotten anyone, let me know and I’ll fix the write-up.

The gates are up and will have a 64 inch wide opening. This should lead to greater access for side-by-side riders while still barring trucks and prohibited vehicles from using the bridge and possibly damaging it.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us at 638-2301(the Diner) or Sharon at 667-2052. Thank you for your patience while construction was underway. Have fun and ride safely.

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The raffle to raise trail work and equipment funds was a great success. Our profit was $530, which will be a huge help to the club. The winning ticket was drawn at our Sept. 10th meeting. The winner is Steve Catlin, a long time member. We thank all of you who participated in the raffle. Notice will be given on the web page for our next one. A big thank you also to Mr. Pellitier, the local craftsman who created the fire pit ring especially for our raffle.

Club memberships have been going very well, up to about 99 now. You can download an application from the club website or pick one up at the diner.

We have just learned that the AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment policy) has been discontinued with no notice to ATV ME or the clubs. This was a free feature for members of ATV ME and our club apologizes for any inconvenience to you. Thank you. Any questions? 667-2052 Sharon Poors

As always, plenty of parking behind Snackbar. Please be considerate and do not block campsites with trucks or trailers. See you on the trails. Ride safely.

Airline Snackbar ATVers - THE SWAMP DONKEYS

With membership you will receive the latest ATV trail map for the area, compiled by several clubs. The map comes with your paid membership to the club, extra will be available at the diner for $4.95 each.

Several club members rode from Molasses Pond to the Diner by a round-a-bout way on the 15th and had a great day. The weather was perfect, our trails were well marked. We did manage to find some very rough patches, but survived just fine. A lot of wild life was out and about, we observed a bald eagle, a hawk, 3 partridges (each in a different location), a mama deer, a baby moose and 2 turtles! We took a picture of the most mysterious sight on our voyage. can you tell what it is? Try to get out and ride. it’s finally stopped raining for a while!
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Final update for the season, 2016 Airline Snackbar ATV Club, October 30, 2016

I think it’s safe to say the season in pretty much over, there has been a killing frost and snow. To me it’s way too cold to ride now, although, being a flat-lander, my idea of too cold and yours may differ. We had a nice long atv season even if it did get pretty dusty . Our trails were very well marked, we received a lot of compliments in that area, and well maintained. The Swamp Donkeys assisted the Airline Riders Snowmobile Club with “man power” ( not to forget Marlene) in the repair and replacement of two bridges, kept the water bars on Mopang Ridge functioning and cleared trails of rocks and brush in several areas.

The Camp CaPella benefit ride was successful again this year. I would like to see more active involvement by club members next year, I think we would have been a little short on salads and sides if we had the same number that rode last year. The Camp is holding a thank you dinner again for camp supporters, and The Airline ATV Riders and The Airline Snackbar ATV Clubs will be recognized for our efforts to “send a camper to camp”. We were happy to be able to not only help Keely, our designated camper-ee, but also helped out a very tall young man named Aaron. Thanks to all who made it possible. Next years camp ride will be on August 12, 2017, see you there.
ATV meetings will resume next year, 2nd Saturdays of the month in season at the Diner at 6:30 pm.

What You Don't Want to Do with Your ATV!
Al and Linda Halloran were kind enough to share these pictures with us illustrating what you don't want
to happen with your ATV. Thanks to Danny Farnsworth's help they got unstuck!

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