Specializing in Couples Therapy, Anxiety and Mood Disorders
Hansen Counseling

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Confidential Care in a
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Dr. Tom Hansen

210 Main Street
Ellsworth, Maine 04605

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Hansen Counseling
P.O. Box 1582
Ellsworth, Maine 04605

Skype Therapy for Anxiety
and Mood Disorders
Couples Retreats

Skype services are available for individual treatments and primarily conducted for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Dr. Hansen has been providing mental health and relationship services to the people of Hancock, Washington and Penobscot Counties since 1981. He received his doctorate in family studies and family therapy from the University of Maine. He has been a clinician at the former Augusta Mental Health Institute, the CEO of Peninsula Counseling in Blue Hill, Clinical Director of Sunrise Opportunities in Washington County and Regional Director of Family Counseling Services and Mobile Crisis Response. He is a former faculty member of the University of Maine. Professional interests include CBT for anxiety conditions and structural work with couples.


Free initial phone consultation and,
upon request, initial informational
  Confidentiality and Respect
The services provided by Dr. Hansen are completely confidential. No one has access to any records, and no information is released to anyone without your written permission, unless ordered to do so by the laws of Maine or under court order. These services are provided without judgment about you or your family, and with the full respect that you as a person deserve. Services are provided in an atmosphere that truly believes that people do the best they can with what they have. Using cognitive strategies to examine thoughts, emotions and behaviors can change existing patterns, creating a more satisfied life.
Waiting Room Office
Waiting Room Office
Photos by Jared Hansen of Loonsong Studios
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