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     Three-day Weekend Variation: I occasionally do a three-day weekend program based on the above model. This program is run through Acadia Couples Retreat and can be with an individual couple, or with a group of couples. Groups never exceed four couples. The format involves Friday evening assessment, Saturday morning communication work, Saturday afternoon work on outcomes of the dimensions that opening evaluation show as most important to the couple(s), with additional work Sunday morning on the dimensions along with a post evaluation. The cost for a weekend program is $2,400.00 and is not reimbursable through health insurance. This cost is divided by the number of couples participating in the retreat, up to a maximum of four couples. This program is offered in my office for couples local to the area, or at Pleasant Bay Bed & Breakfast Llama Keep in Addison, Maine or Atlantic Oceanside Hotel & Event Center in Bar Harbor, Maine for those from away. Transportation to and from either Bangor International Airport or the Bar Harbor Airport is included. Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the participants. For more information about this weekend variation, including dates, please contact Dr. Hansen through this website.
     For couples completing the weekend retreats, an extension of the weekend can be organized through Rivertherapy. Working through licensed whitewater outfitters here in Maine, can offer one or more days rafting a whitewater river in central or western Maine. This experience can be for pure enjoyment as a celebration of the completion of the couple’s weekend, or can include Dr. Hansen for a continuation of the communication work established in the weekend retreat. For more information about this added component, contact us through this website.
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Life is frequently very busy for many of us. And, while Maine is beautiful (especially in the summer and fall), it is not an especially easily reached destination for people coming from other parts of the country or from other countries. For this reason, we have expanded the Acadia Couples Retreat program to enable Dr. Hansen to travel to your location. All aspects of the program are the same. The service is simply conducted in a public establishment (normally a local hotel that has conference facilities large enough to accommodate the number of participating couples). All applicable expenses (travel, lodging and meals) are in addition to the program cost. If more than one couple participates, costs are equally divided among participants.
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