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EMaineHosting LLC

Custom Built Low Cost Websites for Home & Small Business

About EMH

Eastern MaineEMaineHosting LLC offers low cost responsive websites, SSL protected web hosting, and domain names for home business, small business, small towns, professionals, civic groups, social clubs, hunting guides and others. Since 2001. Caretaker updating is included with our web hosting.

We bill biannually for web hosting and contact forms. Please note that website design fees are one-time only. EMaineHosting accepts payment by check or by credit card via PayPal. Our email address for PayPal payment is emainehosting@gmail.com.

Pricing Details
Web Page Design:
A One-Time fee. $79 per page (or equivalent for responsive sites). Includes expert search engine optimization (SEO).

Web Hosting:
Includes Caretaker Updating
and a Domain Name. $22 per month.

Visitor Contact Form:
$5 per month


Example Web Sites

Magoon Realty
Magoon Realty Inc.

Merchant Camps and Lodge

Beddington ME
Town of Beddington, ME

Woven in the Wild
Woven in the Wild

Acadia Woods Kennel
Acadia Woods Kennel

Email: emainehosting@gmail.com

Phone: 207.217.9840

P.O. Box 104
Aurora, Maine


Caretaker Updating:
EMH web hosting includes Caretaker Updating. We update your text, photos, links, etc. as you request, at no additional charge. No complicated procedures are required for you to update your site. You simply email or phone us and we do the rest.

Domain Name:
Our web hosting service includes your choice of a domain name. Your domain name is the internet address of your website, for example, www.yourdomain.com. Choose from .com, .net or .org domains

Responsive Websites:
A Responsive web site is one which automatically adjusts itself for easy viewing on any size device, desktop computer, laptop, netbook, iPad, iPod, or cell phone.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
EMaineHosting designed web sites are fully optimized for internet search engines. Our clients' sites are found among the top listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL search returns.

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